• CUBO HEALS - Healthy Habits Hampers

CUBO HEALS - Healthy Habits Hampers

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Hello! Its me Cubo!

I have a Healthy Habits Hamper for you! Let me help you get fit and stay organized while planning your new healthy routine! Ironic I know! Haha

Eating healthy and working out regularly should be a lifestyle. Also consuming enough water! Yes its all very important. I have got you guys covered! Don't you worry. 

Use the Health Planner regularly to plan your daily meals, pen down your daily workout regimes, mark your daily water intake and yes track your habits and set goals and make sure you achieve them! 

We also have a Magnetic Shopping List for you to help plan your groceries for the week!

Lets get Fit together using the Cubo Heals-  Healthy Habits Hamper!

Features : Health Planner

  • Measurements L 11.69 inches x W 8.3 inches x H 0.5 inches ; L 29 cm x W 21 cm x H 1cm
  • 8 Sections (Date, Inspirational Quote, Shopping List, Habit Tracker, Meal Planner, Workout Planner, Weekly Goals & Drink Up! Water Intake Reminder)
  • 100 GSM, 60 Pages
  • Gold Wiro Binding
  • Hand Illustrated Artwork
  • Made in India

Features: Magnetic Shopping List

  • Measurements L 8.3 inches x W 3.5 inches x H 0.5 inches ; L 21 cm x W 9 cm x H 1cm
  • Perforated Sheets
  • 100 GSM, 60 Pages
  • Magnetic Backing
  • Hand Illustrated Artwork
  • Made in India

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