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Hello! Its me Cubo!

Yes Yes! I'm very well aware that you guys love the Chubby and Cuddly me! I love it too! Everyone on the streets runs to me and calls me cute and I get that amazing tight hug from you guys which I love!

But, having said that, I do need to go on a bit of a diet- don't you think? Or atleast give up on the fries and consume something thats, hmm perhaps more healthy?

Eating healthy and working out regularly should be a lifestyle. Also consuming enough water! Yes its all very important. I have got you guys covered! Don't you worry. 

Use this Health Planner regularly to plan your daily meals, pen down your daily workout regimes, mark your daily water intake and yes track your habits and set goals and make sure you achieve them! 

We also have a little space for you to add your Grocery Shopping List! Super. Right?

Lets get Fit together using the Cubo Heals Health Planner

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TO-DO LIST NOTEPAD - Cubo's Got Zeal


Cubo uses his To-Do List Notepad to help him accomplish his daily tasks with ease. He manages a great deal of his work, daily expense, water intake levels and when time permits, he doodles away!

He simply enjoys rating his day at the end of each day!

Cubo is an instant motivation at the Artchetype Studio. He's got great energy & enthusiasm and once he sets out in the pursuit to accomplish his goal, he's invincible!

Conquer with Cubo and his Cubo's Got Zeal To-Do List Notepad.

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The most suitable solution for all your meeting notes and for the busy girl within you! A B5 sized super cute yet chic design, a brilliant solution to hold your documents, put pen/pencil to paper to brainstorm big ideas and to give shape to the outcome your passions.

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